Aria Diamond Wire Co. was founded in 1999 as the first Iranian manufacturer of machinery for production of stone cutting Diamond Beads and the first producer of Rubber Injected Diamond Wire in Iran

We engage in manufacturing a wide range of sintered and impregnated Diamond Wires with various applications.

By limiting its activities to this sector Aria Diamond Wire Co. has a profound knowledge to produce various types of Diamond beads according to the physical and chemical analysis of stones.

Depending on customers need, we have the right implement and the technical know-how to provide them the best after sale services. Using the lasts technology, equipment, very high quality raw materials and actively researching innovative ideas through constant research and development efforts in manufacturing process, we make sure our quality standards are the most stringent in the industry and ensure optimum performance of all products for total customer satisfaction.

We maintain close contact with the customers to hear them opinions and supplement our experiences for the ongoing development work.

By constantly working on feedback from our customers, we effort to eliminate probable defects and Improve the quality and performance of products.

Our consultants are capable of handling any type sawing project.

Please call our experienced engineers for initial cost-free consultation. We are rapidly able to offer solution adapted to your need.

After successfully catering to the Iranian market, Aria Diamond Wire Co. is now ready to take on new challenges in t e international market with an improved quality to earn total satisfaction and loyalty to our customers.

Aria Fasahat

Managing Director