Project Description

Aria diamond Tools produces many types of sintered Diamond beads for cutting various types of Granite Stones. These beads are produced for cutting hardest and the most abrasive Granite Stones.

Sample Stones Beads/ m Beads Diameter Type of Beads
White Granite, Nehbandan Granite 37

11mm. &11.5mm

G10, G12,G14
Black Granite, Birjand Green Granite 40
Green Granite, Red Granite 42

Life Time

Cutting Speed

Beads / Meter Assembling Beads Diameter
6-13 m2/m 4- 10 m2/h


Spring + Rubber injected / Spring + plastic Injected

11 mm.
8-16 m2/m 3-9 m2/h 11.5 mm