The diamond wire for cutting marble is assembled using springs, steel spacing, washers and steel crimp bushes.

During it ‘s life time the diamond wire is remounted several times substituting steel supporting cable and other components exept for Diamond Beads.

A) Crimp bush 6 mm. (D) * 8 mm. (L)

B) Spring 8 mm. (D) * 3 mm. (L)

C) Steel washer 8 mm. (D) * 3 mm. (L)

D) Diamond Beads

E) Spring 8 mm. (D) * 19 mm. (L)

Note: It is important wire re-mounting be down by personnel skilled & experienced in this work, reassembled wire must be included 30 Diamond Beads per meter, place one crimp bush after each five Diamond Beads to the length of wire.